A Study To Explore The Level Of Prosocial Motivation Of English Language Public Secondary School Teachers In Tehsil Gujrat

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Nazia Shahzadi , Dr. Muhammad Tanveer Afzal


The major aim of the study was to explore public secondary school teacher’s level of prosocial motivation in the subject of English in tehsil Gujrat, as prosocial motivation plays an important role in different aspects of life. Quantitative, survey type study was conducted. Population comprised of public sector 148 English language secondary school teachers of tehsil Gujrat. By simple random sampling technique, researchers selected 40 teachers from public sector schools. To explore the level of prosocial motivation, the researcher developed a tool on the constructs of prosocial motivation suggested by Grant (2016). First section of the tool was about demographic. In the second section there are statements to be evaluated on five points Likert scale. The researchers visited personally to make sure maximum response ratio. Data was analysed by descriptive statistic and it was explored that the overall mean score of the level of prosocial motivation of secondary school teachers is very high i.e. 90.45. Moreover there is significant difference across gender in secondary school teacher’s level of prosocial motivation and furthermore, secondary school teacher’s level of prosocial motivation is significantly different with respect to locality.

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