The Impact Of The Measures That Have Been Implemented In The Coronavirus Pandemic On (Places Of Worship) Like Mosques And Churches In Addition To The Education Sector: (A Descriptive Study)

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Dr. Abdel Salam Atwa Alfandi , Al-Mu'tasim Billah Mustafa Dabash


The study covers an aspect of the impact of the measures that have been implemented in the novel Coronavirus pandemic on (places of worship) like mosques and churches in addition to the education sector and follows its various consequences, due to its material and moral effects on societies

This can be described here as major (demographic disasters), which in turn left severe negative effects on the social, economic, urban, and political levels, in addition to the religious and educational levels (which are the subject of the study)

The study concluded that these closures affected positively on health progress, but at the same time they formed societal congestion for several reasons, especially with regard to (places of worship) in particular, in addition to touching the retreat that some countries of the world witnessed in what has changed to them with what is called (distance learning)

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