Exploring The Chemistry Teachers’ Perceptions Of Enhancing Awareness Of The Role And Importance Of Chemical Literacy For The Benefit Of School Community During Covid-19

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Dr. Nasrin Akhter , Dr. Yasira Waqar , Nadia Ali , Dr. Intzar Hussain Butt


This study aims to explore how chemistry teachers perceive chemical literacy and the implementation of chemical literacy in the school community to minimize health risks. The study aims to explore the perceptions of Chemistry/Science teachers about the implications of Chemical Literacy to the School Community for their benefits. In this study, 200 Chemistry/Science teachers participated through questionnaire. The 59% male and 41% female science teachers participated from public schools. This study concluded that the majority of secondary school Chemistry/Science teachers were positive about the role and importance of chemical literacy and its implications for the school community are positive. Most of the teachers were aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and are more cautious about safety measures. Also, many of the teachers agreed chemical literacy is helpful to improve health literacy and minimize health issues for students. Most of the teachers read the expiry date before buying a product. Most of the chemistry teachers implicate the knowledge of chemical literacy to solve chemical-based issues. The study recommends that both science and non-science teachers should be trained to enhance the role of Chemical Literacy in their daily consumables. The teachers may arrange science activities about the role of chemical literacy at the school level to improve health literacy after Covid-19.

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