The Noble Quran As A Coping Mechanism With Stress: A Descriptive Study

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Dr. Nazia Zaman1 , Dr. Naila Maqsood2 , Dr. Fakhara Aziz3


The purpose of this study is to provide, based on the verses of the noble Quran, a way of reducing stress and establishing mental tranquility. The paper initially explores Islam's perspective on stress and then discusses the ways that Islam addresses stress management. Tafsir is used to discuss Quranic strategies in detail because it is the primary source of knowledge in Islam. The study is analytical and descriptive in character and uses a qualitative approach for data collection. The use of content analysis has been made. The historical methodology has also been employed. The study concludes that the noble Quran being a stress deterrent is the best refuge for the pious and one of the best methods for coping with stress after tragedies and disasters. A person's spiritual growth is somewhat guaranteed if he has faith in religion and spirituality, which might bring him peace of mind. To better understand how religion serves as a natural resource during difficult times, more research is required.

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