Psychological And Economic Protection Of People Affected By Flood And Disasters In The Light Of Islām(An Applied Study In Historical Perspective)

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Irfan Jafar , Muhammad Manzar Ehsan , Ms. Rubina Kausar , Naseem Hafeez Malik , Javaria Iftikhar , Fatima Kafayat


In the case of emergency, the people have to face economic problems. They need the help from the others. It is very necessary to save the lives of the people from starvation. Islam gives guidance to solve the problems of the effects. The responsibility of the government on national disasters has been discussed in this article. It not only shows the Islamic salvation of economic disasters but also tells the power and authority of an Islamic state to give the economic relief to the public; such as to spend from national treasury, to enforce additional taxes and to transfer Zakat to the effected people. Model role of Islamic rulers especially in emergency has been mentioned and analysed. The role of Islamic society to coop with the calamities have been also described.

In the article entitled " Psycho-Social and economic shielding of people affected by flood and Calamity in the Light of Islam (An Applied Study in Historical Perspective)" how the teaching of humanity in Islam can be used in case of emergency and sudden disasters. I guide humanity towards economic and social service. If it is studied in the historical perspective, many incidents are seen. Which is a clear proof that Islam has always taught us about oppressed humanity.

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