Winning Success Through Flexible Organizational Culture: A Qualitative Research Of A Pakistani Corporation

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Dr. Noreen Saher , Ms. Anum Awan , Ms. Nimra Nimra


This paper aims to dig out the impact of flexible organizational culture on the success of a firm in contemporary Pakistan. According to the 2022 organizational culture research report “66% of executives believe culture is more important than an organization's business strategy or operation model” (Global Culture Survey 2021-PwC). Considering the value of this issue, this paper is going to uncover the characteristics of a hybrid-flexible organizational culture that emerge when US based human resource management practices are utilized to organize local workforce. The key focus is on how this culture influences employees’ behaviour and organizational performance. Quite a lot of research is available on organizational culture and its impact, however this particular angle of hybrid-flexible culture is overlooked. Consistently, this paper is going to fill this lacuna between research and practice and contributes to the body of knowledge. By foreseeing the demand of in-depth data to effectively handle this issue, qualitative research has been conducted to explore the complex relationship between flexible organizational culture and the market success of an organization.

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