Impact Of Strength And Endurance Training On Body Composition And Physical Fitness Of University Students

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Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Hummaira Farah , Dr. Rahila Nizami , Muhammad Safdar Ali , Muhammad Adnan , Samera Saman , Sofia Saba


Introduction: Positive effect of physical activities upon the physical and mental health have been established. Prime objectives of engagement in regular physical activities has always been the promotion of health and performance. Physiologically speaking, the body used to hard physical exertion is less likely to face any hardship in doing any strenuous physical activity for an extended period of time. This adaptation process is natural and the more a person is used to hard physical exertion the better they cope with different types of demanding situations. Objective: To assess the effect of strength and endurance training upon body composition and physical fitness of the young male students of the University of Lahore. Hypothesis: The study was undertaken with the hypothesis that strength and endurance training will have significant effect upon the body composition and physical fitness of the young male students. Methodology: Population of the research study comprised of eleven male students from the University of Lahore, having age between 23-27 (x=24.09±1.30). Results: Results of the study have confirmed significant changes particularly in the fat volume by 3.76% and water content by 3.32%. With reference to different components included in the EUROFIT test results of the study show 56.62% (p=0.01) better performance in the hanging from the bar, 45.62% improvement in the sit and reach activity (p=0.003), 15.65% improvement in the performance of sit-ups (p=0.007). Similarly, in standing broad jump, 7.55% improvement was recorded and in the shuttle run of 10 x 5 m, 3.72% (p=0.003) improvement was shown.

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