Mathematical & Dimensional Based Data Model for Steering Mechanism of Face Shock up

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M. S. Dhande, K. S. Zakiuddin


Transportation & Automobile sector is the key of market field. Automobile sector has biggest increasing due changes in customer desire, financial differences, market variation & strategies. Generally numbers of new vehicles have independent face variation, which resins that every face wheel of our vehicle in linked own way to the vehicle chassis. The face wheels must steer and results to the path cover for of vibration top & bottom when either wheel hit through the speed breaker. Vehicle will run bottom on the path in speciously & careful. The result of face spring arrangement of vehicle is depends on the steering construction of the shock up. The steering construction factors are 1] Kingpin θ, 2] Camber θ , 3] Caster  θ, 4] Toe θ , 5] Toe in, 6] Toe out, 7] Scrub radius. Here dimensional equation are mathematically depends on the construction of steering can be decided & automobile results found.

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