Analysis Of Covid-19 Spreading with Approaches Socio-Cultural Community Gorontalo

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Funco Tanipu, Pawennari Hijjang, Supriadi Hamdat, Yahya


This study aims to analyze the spread of Covid-19 through the socio-cultural approach of the Gorontalo community. With descriptive analysis, this research is focused on two levels of society, First, communities who have a kinship system and strong social interaction; Second, urban communities in administrative and private spaces such as in residential. The results of this study indicate that the spread of the virus will accelerate in communities where social interaction is quite high. Massive spreads and clusters are found in areas that have villages, administratively are villages or villages, but culturally is a model of villages with a very strong kinship (Ngala'a). In contrast to cases that occur in administrative and private spaces such as in residential where the contact is broken. In these spaces, it cannot be called a link because of low social interaction. Populous, but there is no social contact and physical contact. Referring to the results of the study, it can be concluded that Covid-19 spreads because it follows a pattern of kinship and culture. To deal with it, there must be a cultural strategy.


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