Gamification Mechanics Framework with reference to Business Perspective

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KDV Prasad, Mruthyanjaya Rao Mangipudi


Aim: The purpose of this manuscript is to present a gamification mechanics framework an eight elements framework for the business environment and delineatehow these mechanics are differentfrom game and business/workplace considering gamification as an application of games in non-gaming contexts.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The gamification mechanics has eight framework elements -- meaning, accomplishment, ownership, scarcity, employment, social influence, unpredictability, and avoidance. Each framework element has 4 sub-elements. Every framework element has described in detail where do they appear in the game vs where do they appear in the business/workplace and their relevance.

Approach:The eight-element gamification mechanics framework developed considering the business in e-commerce and Information Technology industry. Each and framework element hasbeen delineated from the game and actual business and workplace/environment considering in business/workplace environment in parallel with the gaming environment under non-gaming contexts.

Research Findings:The study resulted in the development of a gamification mechanics framework for a business environment that can be applied in any business environment and workplace. The framework can be used for employee motivation, enhanced employee engagement, and enhanced quality of work further to develop healthier competitive strategies for the business environment. 

Theoretical Contribution/Originality–A gamification mechanism framework with eight framework components developed that can be used in any business entity to enhance employee engagement, organizational development, and business strategy development

Managerial Implication in the South East Asian Context - The research findings are beneficial for small, medium and large business entities in the SEA where gamification mechanics framework can be successfully implemented for improving the quality of work, employee engagement, and business strategies.

Research Limitations and Implications - The research is based on the experiences of authors ine-Commerce industryand services sector in Hyderabad, Indiabut can be implemented successfully in South East Asian Countries.

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