Consumer Awareness and Perception towards Electric Vehicles with Specific Reference to Bengaluru City

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Dr Anupama K Malagi, Ramya S


In the current scenario of non-renewable energy resources especially the fossil fuels getting depleted rapidly together with rising prices, there is a need foranother energy resource to run the vehicle. Environmental sustainability is one of themostimportantconcernsasitdecidesthelifespanofourEarth. Transportation sector is one of the reason for large amount of carbon emission.That is where, the automobile industries are considering Electric Vehicles as a solution to the raising problem. In this regard, understanding and analyzing awareness level in the people and their perception towards Electric Vehicles are very crucial.

In this study we have considered Bangalore city, as major pollutants come from Metropolitan cities and hence it is important for people living in these cities to understand the importance of using electric vehicles and do their bit to reduce the consumption of life-threatening gasses and pollutants. The study concentrates on capturing the views, sentiments, awareness level, likeliness and perception towards purchasing of electric vehicles so that sustainability in the environment can be maintained.

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