Academic Staff Performance with reference to with and Without Industry Work Experience and their effectiveness in Teaching, Learning and Research in the Faculty of Business Administration: A comparative Analysis in Indian Universities

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The authors present the results of an empirical study carried out in the Indian Universities to compare the performance of the Management faculty with and without industrial experience. Theaim of this study is to understand the effectiveness of management faculties in imparting management education with industry experience and without industry experience employed in the higher management institutes in Indian Universities in general, and RTM Nagpur University and Universities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana regions in particular. The faculty of business administration teach the management students the business management theoretical concepts with insight into the practical aspects of business situations. The real-time challenges are also simulated by the faculty to make them ready to accept and resolve the challenging situations in real industrial settings. The recent Pandemic Covid-19, made the role of business management faculty further critical, with virtual learning and online mode of teachingtheory, and application of theory in practice plays a key role.Theauthors also presented the effectiveness of the faculties with and without industrial experience using competency factors, personal factors, job factors, pandemic related factors, and their effect on faculty performance of both types of faculties. The results indicatepositive and significant (r=0.292, p<0.05; 0.384, p<0.05; 0.741, p<0.05) relationship among the study variable Faculty with and without industrial experience. The paired t-test results, differences of means indicate that the faculty with the industrial experience perform better when compared with faculty with no industrial experience. The multiple regression analysis was also carried out and results are presented.  No statistically significant age and differences for both the faculty with and without industrial experience. The predictor variables Role change, Teaching Tools,and motivation predicting the performance of faculty statistically significantly.

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