An Empirical Study On Employee's Job Satisfaction Affects Their Performance In Low-Cost Airlines

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Rajesh Sharma , Dr. Pooja Choudhary , Bhagyashree Dabi , Lovelesh , Shikha , Praveen Chand


Job satisfaction of employees is considered to be the most important aspect of HRM of any company. Every employee should achieve positive experience which ultimately improves their productivity and boosts the enterprise. If even one employee cannot attain job satisfaction in an organization, it would affect the operations of the same. In this day and age, there are hundreds and thousands of job opportunities. The methods of measuring job satisfaction and its practices are rising.

Airlines fall under hospitality industry and it ultimately depends upon customer satisfaction in terms of cost, services offered by employees, and comfort level in the aircraft. There are over five departments in an airline company just to ensure the safety and happiness of the passengers. To improve the job productivity of employees, it is important that staff should feel positive while serving the company and it can be possible only with the real job satisfaction.

Hence, this study is aimed to determine the effect of job satisfaction of employees at their productivity and performance in Indigo, Air India Express, Go-Air, SpiceJet and other low-cost airlines. This study will analyze the factors improving employee productivity in context of job satisfaction. It will show the methods to measure performance and its impact on employees and their performance in low-cost airlines.

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