The Role and Potential of Migrant Health Volunteers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

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Patreeya Kitcharoen


The purpose of this research was to study the working processes and supporting strategies. (empowerment) of public healthcare technical or the medical personnel and the roles and the duties of the migrant health volunteers (MHVs) during the situation of the epidemic of the Covid-19 in Thailand. This research was the qualitative research by using in-depth interview with three informants from the public healthcare technical at Samut Sakhon Hospital by using the purposive sampling, and using a focus group with the 6 MHVs includes the content analysis. The results of the research can be summarized as follows:  Firstly, it was found that the working process and the supporting strategies (Empowerment) which were consisted of 1) The proactive work by visiting the target groups 2) Working on the health promotion 3) To create the training courses for MHVs to gain the in-depth information on health problems of the migrant populations 4) To create the collaboration and the pride to MHVs.  5) To use the technology and the innovations for collecting the data of the migrant population’s health. The second issue could be summarized the roles and the duties of MHVs which were as follows: 1) To be a caretaker and report on health information of migrant population to medical personnel; 2) To be a person to transfer the knowledge on disease prevention to migrant population; 3) To be an intermediary or interpreter in communication between medical personnel and the migrant populations.

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