Traits, Talents and its Influence on Educational Evolvement

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Tenzing. P, Dr.S.B.Inayath Ahamed


Research on personality traits is certainly a bailiwick considered as a major research by the scholars in psychology. This study is made to evaluate the connection between personality and academic performance. A total of 150 students were participated in this research. The Academic Maturity Scale (101 item instrument) is used to analyze the factors like self awareness, motivation, organization, & responsibility (Addison, Althoff, & Pezold, 2009). The level of agreement is revealed by the respondents in six point scale type 1 being strongly disagree and 6 being strongly agree for 101 items. Reverse items are also listed in the questionnaire for 16 items. Big Five Inventory includes 44 item scale which is developed to find out the variables like extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness. Correlation, regression, independent t test were used to analyze the variables. Research results reveal that extrovert, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness are making impact on academic interest. Agreeableness is not related to academic interest. The personality traits contribute to variance in academic achievement is 52 percentages. The most reliable analyst of academic interest is openness. An academician cannot afford to overlook the given traits and talents as this can ameliorate the efficiency of a respondent.

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