The Identity Of Thai People Of Vietnamese Descent Who Are Roman Catholic: A Case Study Of Saowapa Phongsri Community, Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand

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Piyada Wattanasan , Chanida Muangkaew , Suphak Pibool , Rangsiphon Plianplan


This research is qualitative research. The objectives of this research were to study the way of life and religious beliefs that are the identity of Thai people of Vietnamese descent who are Roman Catholic: A case study of Saowapa Phongsri community, Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok province. The sample group consisted of people in the Saowapa Phongsri community, administrators of local government administrations, education-related agencies, and cultural agencies, totalling to 66 key informants. The study was conducted using participant observation and non-participant observation in community areas, as well as in-depth interviews and analysis of results using the content analysis technique. The results of the study found that 1)the background of Thai people of Vietnamese descent from owapa Phongsri community is a group of people who migrated from the Vietnamese community at Sam Sen, Bangkok since 1900, initially came to the Baan Yuan community (Vietnamese)which later expanded to cover the Saowapa Phongsri community, which includes Baan Yuan area, Talad Kao area, Talad Maiarea and Baan Naiarea2) preserving the Vietnamese way of life that is culture and traditions, overall, the way of life changed according to the socioeconomic status but still retains some of the Vietnamese way of life that is culture and traditions such as making merit for ancestors, conveying lifestyles with religious beliefs 3)Roman Catholic beliefs that are the important identity of the community include the Procession of the Virgin Mary, the Cemetery Blessings in three languages: Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese 4) important identity of Thai people of Vietnamese descent who are Roman Catholic is to adhere to the principles of religion, creating a community of faith, a positive driving force, gratitude for ancestors, pride in being a Thai of Vietnamese descent, and living in harmony with society through solidarity.

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