Kams as a Tools for Rural Women SHG’S Economic Empowerment in Dhemaji District, Assam

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Jayanta Hazarika, Dr. Chow Nakunand Singkai


The Government of Assam created the Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM), and a strategy called Kanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran Yojona was introduced specifically for SHGs. A SHG might receive up to Rs 5 lakh under the Kanaklata Mahila Sabalikaran, based on its work. Apart from these missions and government grants and subsidies, SHGs can also obtain loans from banks to generate livelihood chances based on their own capacity. Other government departments offer cash to SHGs for the successful implementation of their initiatives at various times. The government of Assam has introduced KAMS (Kanaklata Mahila SabalikaranYojana), and the formal announcement was made in 2018. Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma (Health Minister) announced the Kanaklata Yojana in 2017 to boost the state's long-term development while also assisting Self Help Groups. According to the release, the Rs. 25 Thousand fund would be provided to the 11097 SHG, and this program will also provide loans and capital subsidy. Women empowerment, which may be defined as a process of giving women more control over their minds, bodies, and resources. The self-help movement has arisen as a potentially powerful weapon for women's empowerment. The group approach was supposed to pave the way for rural women to improve their economic situation by engaging in income-generating activities with the support of bank credit.

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