What makes a Professional Lecture? A case study on Private University in Indonesia

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Yohamintin Yohamintin, Johar Permana, Diding Nurdin, Sururi, Aan Komariah


This study aims to obtain a complete picture of how to create professional lecturers' human resources through strategic management of sustainable lecturers' professional competence development. The focus of the research are: 1) What are the required professional competency standards for lecturers?; 2) How is the performance of lecturers in developing sustainable professional competencies?; 3) How are the study programs' efforts in implementing sustainable lecturers' professional competence development?; 4) How is the monitoring and evaluation carried out to develop the professional competence of sustainable lecturers?. This research is a qualitative research with a case study design conducted in private universities in Indonesia.The results of this study indicate that to form professional lecturers in higher education, namely by: increasing educational qualifications, increasing professional competence of sustainable lecturers, performance targets, increasing performance motivation, communication skills, financing and extensive networking. This research provides guidance for further research and as important information to be applied for the development of human resources and organizational progress.

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