The Effect of Ratio of Black Mulberry (Morus Nigra) Extract with Edamame (Glycine Max (L) Merrill) Extract On Hard Candy Characteristics

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Yusman Taufik, Yudi Garnida


Hard candy is a type of solid snack made from sugar or a mixture of sugar with other sweeteners, with or without the addition of other foodstuffs and permitted food additives, with a hard texture, not becoming soft when chewed. This study aims to determine the effect of the comparison of black mulberry flavored and edamame extract on the quality and characteristics of hard candy so that it can increase the economic value, the usability of black mulberry and edamame soybeans, and preserve black mulberry and edamame soybeans so that the shelf life is longer. This study used a one-factor randomized block design (RBD) with 5 repetitions. The research consisted of one factor, namely the ratio of black mulberry extract and edamame extract, which consisted of 5 levels, namely p1 (2: 1), p2 (3: 2), p3 (1: 1), p4 (2: 3), p5 (1: 2). Organoleptic responses were carried out based on the panelists' level of preference using the hedonic method; the responses tested included color, aroma, taste, texture, and the chemical response of hard candy. The results showed that the ratio of black mulberry juice and edamame juice had an effect on the characteristics of hard candy, including the levels of vitamin c, ash content, protein content and color, aroma, taste, and texture but did not significantly affect the reduced sugar content and water content. The results of the analysis of the antioxidant activity of the sample selected were 779.89 ppm.

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