The Influence of SCADA Information Technology System Application on Improving Performance Efficiency (Field study on the Ministry of Electricity and Oil of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq)

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Joumana A. Younis, Mohamoud Raouf, Mohamad A. Abdallah ,Ghada El khayat


This paper aims to show SCADA's (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) influence on performance efficiency in Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Electricity and Natural Resources ministries. SCADA system is a technological tool that improves performance efficiency. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition can be prescribed as a monitoring plan. The execution of the control strategy and the decided actions constitute a process control loop. This research studies the relationship between SCADA as an independent variable and performance efficiency as a dependent variable. Hence, to answer the research questions and test the hypotheses, the study has mainly adopted quantitative research with a questionnaire to collect primary data. 366 employees working in the ministries in different positions, as a sample, have completed this questionnaire. This study recommends additional training on SCADA for employees to guarantee its sustainable use and system integration in all work details to grant the ministries flexibility in making decisions and enhancing performance.

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