Sparking Creativity and Innovation and Its Impact on Employees’ Productivity (Field study on the Ministry of Electricity and Oil of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq)

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Mohamoud Raouf, Joumana A. Younis, Masen Massoud


This paper aims to assess the influence of creativity and innovation on improving employees’ productivity. Innovation and creativity shape organizational image and profile generate new job opportunities, reduce costs, and hence, contribute to improving employees’ productivity. However, due to high-risk rates of innovation, creativity failure, extreme change, and complex circumstances especially from a commercial point of view within the market, countless challenges are being imposed on organizations. The latter should face them efficiently. This situation entails organizations to leverage their innovative and creative abilities to find newfangled solutions and ideas. This study reflects the relationship and influence of creativity and innovation as independent variables and employees’ productivity as a dependent variable. The quantitative research grounded on a questionnaire has been addressed to 366 employees as a sample drawn in simple random technique from Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Electricity and Natural Resources ministries as a field of study. Answers were grouped and analyzed using first the descriptive analysis and second by calculating the linear regression to support and validate the research hypotheses. In a conclusion, the Ministries of Electricity and Natural Resources have interest in creativity and innovation. Accordingly, efforts should be fostered to reach advanced and satisfying levels of creativity to improve employees’ productivity.


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