Labor Strategies for Russian Youth

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Inna S. Shapovalova, Anna V. Bovkunova, Andrey P. Peresypkin, Anastasiya V. Kisilenko, Irina S. Zavodyan


Based on empirical sociological studies, the article reflects dispositions, factorial models of choice, life strategies in the field of labor trajectories of modern Russian youth. The paper gives the author’s typology of labor and career orientations of young people which show the meaningfulness of career aspirations in the ranks of value dispositions. The primary life choices of young respondents in the field of career and labor decisions are outlined, the importance of career ladder in labor strategy for a fourth of the respondents is emphasized. The problems in the implementation of state youth policy, discrimination in labor activity, as well as the risks of migration behavior associated with failed expectations and requests to labor strategies of youth are stated.  The inconsistence associated with the transformation of views and attitudes of modern young people to measuring success of labor strategies, based on the construction of a risk map of Russian youth is stressed.

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