The Moon Phases: student's understanding from Contextualized Concept Cartoons.

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Carla Viviana Montaño Ballén, Jaime Duván Reyes Roncancio, Edier Hernán Bustos Velazco


This article exposes the analysis and results of a research process, regarding the teaching of the Moon phases phenomenon and the relationship around the influences of such phenomenon on habits and living conditions, with eighth-grade students at the Cambridge school, through contextualized comics. The methodology approach was from a research-action perspective with a propositional and interpretative type. In this process, we developed five phases to identify the students' world from different perspectives based on their interaction with two contextualized concept cartoons entitled: "Walk in the desert" and "Let's Surf" the script of the comics implied learning-based phenomena, in this case, the Moon phases. This study encouraged students to ask authentic questions and explanations of the phenomenon, generating an approximation to the objective of the research, which was to promote evidence of learning in students, demonstrating the ability to understand information and giving a new meaning to something they believed and now based on this information, they strengthened their understanding of this phenomenon. We found evidence that the use of comics is an innovative tool and has a significant value in reinforcing the teaching process; It shows the ability to study other aspects of the context of the comic related to science, such as the law of gravitation, thermodynamic phenomena, and properties of bodies, among others.

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