Clustering of universities from CIVETS countries in the Top 20 of the Web of Universities Ranking

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Alexander Castillo Perdomo, Eva Elizabeth Tejada Manrique, Luis Eduardo García Núñez, Antonia Quispe Mamani, José Calizaya-López


There are nations that can be considered emerging because they have economies with medium and low GDP, and a market with investment opportunities. Some of these nations (such as Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa) are grouped under the acronym "CIVETS" to be analyzed and compared based on their socioeconomic results. A pattern of comparison is university performance through the Web of Universities Ranking, which orders higher education institutions based on their web visibility, their presence, and access to the web, through a World Rank that lists four indicators: Presence, Impact, Openness, and Excellence. This paper has characterized, through clusters, the universities of CIVETS countries in the Top 20 of the Web of Universities Ranking July 2020, in order to relate and compare their position in the indicators through a descriptive analysis. First, information on the CIVETS countries (from the ranking indicators) is presented. Then, the conglomerates formed between the World Rank and the individual performances of the universities with respect to the classification of the indicators are shown. It stands out as a result that four ZAF universities: UCT, WITS, SU, and UP; one from TUR: METU; and one from COL: UNIANDES, they are the best positioned in the four Ranks: Presence, Impact, Openness, and Excellence (except for UNIANDES (COL) which is located in cluster 2 in Rank OR).


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