University Social Responsibility: State of the art

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Dra. Elizabeth Pacheco Dávila, Dra. Elvita Lucía Espinoza Silva, Dr. Marco Antonio Díaz Apac, Dra. Betzabeth Díaz Torres, Mg. Miguel Ángel Saavedra Neyra, Dra. María del Pilar Melgarejo Figueroa, Dr. Nicéforo Bustamante Paulino


The purpose of this article is to carry out a systematic review of the state of the art of research on university social responsibility in different articles published in various databases, to answer the question: in what aspects should university social responsibility (USR) be improved? As for the methodology, the approach followed in this article is qualitative and the method is a systematic review. It was concluded that the main results reached on the subject of USR in these publications are oriented to the proposal of regulations that rule or guide the processes of Social Responsibility; also, that Social Responsibility (SR) is a new way of acting that brings together each social element, estimates the impact of the different actions and foresees and promotes relevant improvements.


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