Impact of the scientific production of the Top 15 universities in Colombia

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Juan Miguel Guerrero Orbegozo, Julio Alfonso González-Mendoza, Vilma L. A. Gutiérrez Araujo


Colombia ranks fifth in Latin America in scientific production, with a contribution of 0.24% of its GDP to research and development in 2019, much lower than the 0.71% of the Latin American average. Even so, this country has stood out in the last decade for the increase in its scientific production and improvements in its international positioning. The universities corresponding to the Top15 of the SIR2020 ranking are analyzed, using four scientometric indicators compiled from the SirIber 2020 report. There is a high correlation between International Collaboration (IC), Normalized Impact (NI), and High-quality publication (Q1). The Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad de Los Andes, and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana together account for 63% of the country's scientific production.

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