Implementation of Good Governance on Education Operational Cost Policy in DKI Jakarta

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Leni Indrawati, Faris Shafrullah, Hyronimus Rowa, Bahrullah Akbar, Khasan Effendy, Sampara Lukman, Layla Kurniawati, Fieghie Fadila, Putri Ayu Pratiwi, Solahuddin Ismail


The implementation of good governance on the policy of the Operational Cost of Education is the main factor in the success indicator of school performance. The Regulation of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province is made as a guide in implementing the Operational Cost of Education in schools.

The purpose of this study is to support orderly administration in the context of financing educational operational activities, improve accessibility and quality of learning in educational units in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Province. In addition, the aim is to support the realization of transparency and accountability in the financial management of the Education Unit, minimizing the level of irregularities and corruption.

The method used is qualitative with triangulation, data obtained from interviews conducted with officials from the Education Office, Education Sub-department officials, school principals and their staff as well as from school report documents.

The results of the research are that the Governor's Regulations that have been made have not started with an Academy and Feasibility Study Manuscript; there is an overlap between one article and another; Allocation of Education Operational Cost funds based on the fiscal year where school activities are based on the school year; Schools get funds every three months, while schools have difficulty paying their monthly bills; The governor's regulation should be made to regulate from now until the future, instead of being made to regulate something with a backward date, this condition cancels all activities that have been carried out by the school.   

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