A scientometrics analysis of Colombian universities applying for patents

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Iris Jiménez-Pitre, Geomar Molina-Bolívar, Rodrigo_Gamez Pitre


Colombia shows important increases in the last two decades in its GDP per capita and in the investment for research and development, occupying in Latin America the fifth place in scientific production and the sixth position in the Global Innovation Index. The scientometric indicators of 28 Colombian universities that file patent applications are analyzed through the analysis of indicators on innovation and scientific production published in the SirIber 2020 report. There is a high correlation between the number of patent applications and the published scientific production, the international collaboration of researchers is between 30 and 50% of the publications, favoring the impact of the publications and the citations in patents. Two university profiles were identified: those with an emphasis on scientific publications and those with an emphasis on innovation.

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