The Special Protection Plan of the Historic Center of Santa Marta Aimed at the Integral Management of the Territory

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Florinda Sánchez Moreno, Fredys A. Simanca H, Jaime Alberto Paez Paez, Francisco Javier Lagos Bayona, Jairo Jamith Palacios Rozo, Lugo Manuel Barbosa Guerrero, Iván Fernando Amaya Cocunubo, Jairo Augusto Cortes


Since the entry into the force of “Special Protection Plan” (SPP), a territorial management tool, in the city of Santa Marta, the management for the historic center survival and revitalization contrasts with the reality of interventions in the central territory of this city in light of the management proposal drawn up by the SPP of 2005. This exploratory and documentary research uses qualitative data to examine the impact of public space works and of heritage buildings. Such research was developed based on the traceability of diagnostic processes, regulatory procedures, and verification with field visits to “the territory.” It contrasts the conclusive intervention proposal with the comprehensive management. An increase in the improvement of public space and enhancement of heritage buildings in the current context of the tourist, cultural and historical district is the result. There were improvements in the relationship of public space where more than 30,000 m2 was generated between squares, parks, and pedestrian walkways, thus significantly increasing the indicator of square meters per dweller with the consequential benefits for the community owing to the promotion of socioeconomic synergies for local development and the survival of the heritage resources of the historic center.

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