Sustainability of the use of digital resources in the teaching and learning of mathematics in public educational institutions: period 2017-2022

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Rolando Juan Borja Torres, Danny Retamozo Riojas, Carmen Cristina Aranda Dextre, Fermín Pozo Ortega, Joel Cipriano Tarazona Bardales, Abimael Adam Francisco Paredes, Nicéforo Bustamante Paulino


This paper analyzes the factors by which the low level of learning and the use of digital tools in the teaching and learning process of mathematics in Latin America can be remedied. The methodology consisted of the selection and analysis of original articles on teaching and learning mathematics in databases such as Scopus, Scielo, Dialnet, etc. Analyzing the research proposals, it is evident the importance of raising the level of preparation of teachers in training and service in the area of mathematics about the use of digital resources, as well as the knowledge of the context by the teacher and the student. Finally, it is evident the an urgent need to maintain or increase the usefulness of digital tools in the teaching and learning process by teachers to raise achievement levels, even more so in remote education due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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