The impact of strategic flexibility on business model innovation

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Asst.Professor Sanna A. Al-Ubadi, Enas Malek Hadi Al-Jizany


This research seeks to discern the relationship that may exist between the independent variable of strategic flexibility and the dependent variable of business model innovation. This is in order to determine the type of the relationship and to reveal the effect between them. The field of study chosen for this research was The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. The purposive sample composed of a total one hundred (100) participants , namely administrative employees (of senior and mid-career ranks) working in the departments of the research site (i.e The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers (Iraqi Government). Excluded here were the department of legal affairs as well as the committees of the aforementioned research site. We employed a purpose-built questionnaire to collect the required data for this research in addition to field observations as an aid to enhance the results of the questionnaire.

The research relied on the program (AMOS V.25, SPSS V.25) in addition to a group of descriptive and inferential statistics tools for analysing data and obtaining results. Key findings we managed to obtain in this research run as follows: The variable of strategic flexibility had a multi-level significant effect on business model innovation, which shows the existence of interdependence and integration between them. In light of the above findings, a number of recommendations were suggested and as follows:  Showing more interest in the examined variables. This can take the form of raising education among employees of the research site as regards the Strategic Flexibility and Business Model innovation and their impact on reinforcing the capacity of offering excellent services to the recipients of these services.

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