TLK competencies of Colombian university teachers and students Confluences toward an integrated model of technologies in the curriculum

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Andrés Correal Cuervo, Victor del Carmen Avendaño Porras, Carmenza Montañez Torres, Erika María Sandoval Valero


The implementation and management of technologies for learning and knowledge in the teaching and learning processes of educational actors and how their competencies are strengthened in higher education is a key element for the successful acquisition of knowledge. The study presents preliminary results of the project called "Atlas of TLK uses in higher education in Colombia" through the application of instruments designed and validated specifically for this research. A probabilistic sample of 172 teachers and 235 students of the University of Boyacá was obtained, who responded to the questionnaires. It is evident that most of the students and teachers are not familiar with the concept of ICT, however, they have great competencies regarding the use and knowledge of ICT, which marks a roadmap to work and generate proposals for a better understanding and acquisition of competences in the use of technologies for learning and knowledge.

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