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Ashith MV, Dhruv Ahuja, Upasana Reddy, Neetha Shetty, Sakshi Sachdeva, Yash Shekatkar, Amoli Singh


The interdisciplinary approach is necessary to enhance the synergy between the three disciplines while improving the treatment outcomes and eliminating the existing barriers. Orthodontic treatment focuses on functional and aesthetic occlusion while endodontic therapy deals with the viability of dental pulp and root resorption, whereas, periodontal therapy aims to achieve healthy attachment of teeth with supporting structures. The orthodontic therapy has been used as an adjunct therapy to facilitate functional occlusion and tissue support, most of the periodontal and endodontic problems can be resolved by the correction of periapical pathology, traumatic injuries, pathological tooth migration, crowding, closure of midline diastema and many more. Need of the hour is to have a cross-disciplinary approach which helps the specialist in diagnosis and treatment planning, with accomplishment of planned treatment and solving any complications related to it. This mini review highlights the relevance of few cases and their systematic approach where orthodontic tooth movement is assisted by endodontic and periodontal therapy contributing to optimize treatment outcome of combined orthodontic-endodontic- periodontal problems.

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