Some Quakers’ Involvements on Pre-twentieth Humanity Issues: Why are They not Prominently Discussed in the USA History?

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The Quakers, officially called ‘the Religious Society of Friends”,  took roles in struggling against the inhuman events that contradicted humanism spirit and principle. However, the group’s roles have been still not discussed prominently or properly in the United States history. The neglect comes from several factors: it was because the Quakers were in the position of the minority in terms of its population; their involvements served as part of a large movement group in context of the humanity issues; it was caused by the diversity of views and the quality of personality shown by Quaker figures; and it was because of the principle of pacifism where the principle tended to prohibit them to totally involve in fighting physically against human rights abuse in real life. Among the factors, pacifism's principle was looked very prominent factor since it had restricted them to be active as front-liners in any reformist movements. They were even assumed less patriotic, inconsistent, coward, and hypocrite in their movements. Besides, in practice, they were only served as a subordinate group among many groups in the humanity movements. Besides, among the factors, pacifism's principle is looked very prominent by which they were looked at by other people less patriotic, coward, inconsistent, and hypocritical in their humanity movements.

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