Impact of Influencer Marketing – Three Rs - On Impulsive Purchase Behavior The Moderating Influence of Gender

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Dr. Tareq N. Hashem


Current study aimed at examining the moderating impact of gender on the relationship between influencer marketing (three Rs – resonance, relevance and reach) and impulsive buying behavior. Depending on quantitative approach; (1347) questionnaire were distributed through Google forms on Saudi, Egyptian and Jordanian customers representing (Levant, GCC and Africa). SPSS was used to screen and analyze gathered dat. Results indicated that women consumers are more impulsive towards taking unplanned purchase decisions that is attributed to influencer marketing compared to men. Results also indicated that Saudi women are more downward towards impulsive buying behavior due to influencer marketing; this was attributed to KSA higher purchase power compared to other participated countries in the study (Jordan and Egypt). Study recommended further research to go deeper into the psychology of influencer marketing and its effect on consumer behavior in general and teenagers in particular.

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