The Development of Social Vigilantism in Children

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Assistant. Prof. Dr. Fouad Ali Farhan


The current study intends to determine social vigilantism in children based on two variables: age and gender. It also aims to identify the significance of the differences in Social Vigilantism among children based on two variables: age and gender. The paper aims at achieving the goal of the current research related to measuring social vigilantism in children. After reviewing the literature related to the topic of the current research, the researcher obtained the English version of the Saucier & Webster scale, 2010: 9 = agree very strongly. The scale was applied to a sample of (150) children of ages (8,9,10) years. Then The data gathered from the samples was statistically analyzed, yielding the following results.:

  1. Children in the ages (8, 9, 10) do not have Social Vigilantism.

  2. The development of Social Vigilantism is not affected by the sex of the individual in all ages.

  3. Children's Social Vigilantism does not take an evolutionary path with age.

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