Nguyen Trai's Philosophical thoughts on Tolerance and Solidarity: Value for Building a Consensual, Harmonious, Humane and Compassionate Society in Vietnam

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Phan Thi Le Dung, Ho Cong Luu, Ta Thi Van Ha, Nguyen Thi Tho, Ho Cong Duc


Nguyen Trai is a military strategist, politician, diplomat, philosopher, and a great culturist in the history of Vietnamese thought. Throughout his life, he had been always faithful, loyal to the country, and devoted to the people, and he loved peace, being in harmony with nature and all things. Nguyen Trai’s writings imbued with human love, all of them are humane, leading people to three values: Truthfulness, Compassion, and Beauty. His thoughts were rich and diverse, representing many fields and having great contributions to the history of Vietnamese thought. Nowaday, specially, Nguyen Trai's thought about tolerance and solidarity was not only valuable during he living, but also had sustainable values ​​and great influence on Vietnamese society. The article focuses on clarifying the basic features of Nguyen Trai's ideology about tolerance and solidarity, such as: Tolerance and solidarity were based on the foundation of humanity; Tolerance was the source and basis of solidarity; solidarity was the force and strength to promote and consolidate tolerance; tolerance and solidarity were associated with a love of peace and a eco-friendly lifestyle. Today, In particular, it pointed out specific aspects of Nguyen Trai's ideological values ​​about tolerance and solidarity in building a consensual, harmonious, humane and compassionate society in Vietnam, such as: economic development, ensuring social security; Promoting the spirit of national unity, harmony and national reconciliation, closing the past, opening a bright future; building a consensual, harmonious, humane and compassionate society.

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