Business Agility of Courier Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic; Transformational Leadership as A Trigger to Improve Business Performance

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Iha Haryani Hatta, Erwin Permana


This study aims to analyze: 1) the influence of transformational leadership on the business performance of courier service, 2) the influence of transformational leadership on the business agility of courier service, 3) the influence of business agility on the business performance of courier service. The analysis technique used was Structural Equation Model (SEM) with SmartPLS. The data were collected through the distribution of questionnaires. The study respondents were companies affiliated with the Express Couriers Association of Indonesia (ASPERINDO). According to the analysis, transformational leadership affects performance; transformational leadership affects business agility, and agility affects performance. According to the statistical test, all of the model's constituent dimensions are at a high level. The study confirms that the Covid-19 pandemic becomes a blessing for the courier service business, according to the results. The research recommends that courier service companies keep their competitive edge and operational agility by enhancing their digital capabilities. Research involving the digital capabilities of courier companies will be needed during this pandemic in the future.

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