Learner-Centered Teaching in Saudi Context: Exploring the challenges from pre-service EFL teachers’ perspective

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Badar Almuhailib, Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal


In learner-centered classrooms, teaching methods that lay emphasis on the student instead of the teacher are popular.  The present study aims to address the emerging gaps in the effectiveness of the learner-centered teaching approach. Generally, this study explored the insights of the preservice teachers on the implementation of learner-centered teaching approach in the classroom. The study employed purely qualitatively research design through in-depth focus group discussion. The respondents of the study are 30 pre-service teachers who conducted their teaching practicum for three months. Findings of the study show that student-teachers have favorable perceptions of the learner-centered teaching approach, but encounter some major difficulties. Three major themes emerged in the context of the study, namely, participants’ reflections on learner-centred teaching, benefits of learner-centred teaching, and challenges that student-teachers face in learner-centered classroom instruction. To address this concern, the need for intensive orientation of would-be-teachers on the principles of learner-centered teaching should be implemented in the Saudi context with the application of ICT particularly during these COVID-19 pandemic years.

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