PhD Program in TEFL Curriculum & Instruction: A course proposal based on international educational standards and programs

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Sultan Abdullah Almuhaimeed


Higher Education is becoming an additional governing social issue in a new information-based world economy. Social change in Saudi Arabia in the recent years has gravitated young people towards continuing higher education and efforts to rebalance the labor market. With the Saudi Vision 2030 national developmental plan as the basic guideline for the education sector, the target is to make institutions of higher education capable to compete with best international standards, and equip the young Saudi population with attributes that prepare them for a global socio-economic role. The ability of the Saudi nationals to communicate successfully and effectively with global communities is the logical and stated goal set for the education sector by the administration. In keeping with these aims, this study proposes a PhD Program in TEFL Curriculum and Instruction to ensure execution of the best research in English education in the interests of the Saudi people. The highlight of the proposed program is its comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of international educational standards and programs from which the most feasible, essential, and salient features are culled to prepare a detailed outlined for Saudi Arabia. The study will prove to be of special interests to the national policy advisors, academic planners, and the entire language research community.

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