The Role of Multimedia in Improving the Reading Skills of Third Grade Students in the Galilee Region

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Maisa Mwafak she


The study aimed to identify the role of multimedia in improving reading skills for third-grade students in the Galilee region. The study adopted a quasi-experimental approach based on the design of the experimental and control groups. The researcher used a test for the role of multimedia as a tool for the study, where the study population consisted of (1300) male and female student. The study's sample included all third-grade students at Hussein Yassin Elementary School in the Galilee region, a total of 39 male and female students who were divided into two groups: a control group of 20 students and an experimental group of 19 students. The study's findings revealed statistically significant differences in the study sample's performance due to the role of multimedia in the development of reading skills, and they were in favor of the multimedia technique (experimental group).In order to meet students' needs in this field, the researcher suggests offering courses for teachers on how to use multimedia in teaching various educational resources to achieve better educational and scientific results, paying attention to media that speak the child's language so that the material is presented to him and in a fun and exciting way, enabling him to develop proper reading abilities.

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