Did e-Marketing and Spiritual Marketing Inflluences Sales Performance? Evidence from Indonesian SMEs

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Dewiana NOVITASARI, Gusli CHIDIR, Ipang SASONO, Masduki ASBARI, Nana SUPIANA, Whan Augustin Ainul AMRI, Lala Hucadinota Ainul AMRI, Agus PURWANTO


Research aims to prove the effect of the implementation of e marketing on marketing performance with spiritual marketing as an intervening variable. The research method used in this research is explanatory research which explains the relationship between variables through hypothesis testing. The sample in this study were MSME actors in Banten. In this study the data collection procedure was carried out through a questionnaire distribution survey. The data analysis used was Partial Least Square (PLS). In this study, PLS analysis was carried out with the help of the SmartPLS version 3.0 application. The results of this study concluded that E Marketing, spiritual marketing has a positive and significant effect on improving the marketing performance of SMEs. This study uses a quantitative approach. The data used in this study are primary data with data collection techniques through distributing questionnaires to 258 SMEs consumer respondents. The results showed that partially emotional marketing has an influence on marketing performance. Then spiritual marketing has an influence on marketing performance. Simultaneously, emotional marketing and spiritual marketing have an influence on marketing performance

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