The Effectiveness of Online Learning System in Indonesia during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Teachers' and Learners' Attitude

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Anwar Sewang


Due to the epidemic, classes in Indonesia have been transferred online for 2020-2021, and a comeback to face-to-face classrooms is unclear. Students in Indonesia are gradually adapting to this new type of E-learning, and some have realized that they prefer online classes, while many are looking forward to the day they return to classrooms. The current study sought to investigate instructors' and students' perceptions of the efficacy of an online learning system in Indonesia during the Covid-19 epidemic. A descriptive cross-sectional study was done using two self-administered questionnaires to assess teachers' and students' opinions about online learning systems. Two hundred participants (100 teachers and 100 learners) were took part in this study. The findings revealed that both learners and teachers had positive attitudes towards h online learning system during the Covid-19 pandemic. The results of the study have numerous benefits for teachers and learners as well as decision-makers to emphasize their actions.

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