The Reality of Using Problem-Based Learning in Teaching Community Organization in Egypt

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Dr. Salah Gad, Dr. Khaled M. Mohamed, Dr. Osman Ahmed


This research deals with an important issue related to social work education, which is represented in problem-based learning in social work education in Egypt. Where the research was applied to members of the social work faculty who specialize in community organization, whose number reached (21) members, and the research tried to identify the reality of applying problem-based learning in teaching social work courses, and the researcher used the questionnaire tool to measure the problem-based learning process in teaching courses. The study is considered one of the descriptive and analytical studies, and the study concluded that the faculty members use problem-based learning in education through the use of problems as an educational medium. In spite of  using faculty members to   problem-based learning, but they use it in a random way far from the scientific and applied methodology to use it in education, which makes him lose one of its elements that affected its effectiveness in education, especially the aspects related to dividing students and directing students to collect information, motivating students to make assumptions for the problem, and the lack of scenarios to deal with problems In the end, the study reached a set of recommendations and conclusions The mission was to promote the practice of problem-based learning in community organization education and social work.

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