Effect of Distance Learning on Providing Hyperactive Students with Some Verbal and Non-Verbal Skills: Yenmo Platform as A Model

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Dr. Ayman Ramddan Zhran, Dr. Mahra Hamyer Almalek, Dr. Mostafa Mohamed Abo Elnour Abdel Mawla, Prof. Fayz Al-Thunaibat


The current study aimed to verify the effectiveness of distance learning for the hyperactive children and to what extent they gain some verbal and non- verbal skills using “Yenmo” platform. “Yenmo” platform is deemed the first Arab which aims to improve quality of services provided to the individuals with special needs. In addition, it provides to the providers of such services feature of designing and following up the individual rehabilitation and educational programs easily. Moreover, the study sample was comprised of (20) students who were classified as hyperactive students and who attended the international center for the communication disturbance. The two researchers constructed two verbal and non- verbal tests; which were pre- applied and post- applied to the study sample with the aim of comparing the two applications. The study results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the pre – application and the post – application in favor of the post – application

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