Analysis Abstract Thinking of the Multi-culture in the BuddhistArts of the SouthThailand

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Somporn Turee


The objectives of this creative research were: 1) to analyze abstract thinking of multi-cultural society in the Buddhist Arts of Southern Thailand, 2) to analyze aesthetics, elements, beliefs, essential contents, varieties of model of arts and culture and creed from Southern Buddhist arts in the reign of Rattanakosin King Rama 1-9, and 3) to analyze structure of abstract thinking of multi-cultural society to concrete of Buddhist arts in the Southern Thailand and then publish the book called  “The Abstract Thinking of Multi-cultural  Society in the Buddhist Arts of Southern Thailand” for the purpose of conserving, inheriting and promoting Thailand tourism as well.

 Having survey study, research and analyze abstract thinking of Buddhist arts from 19 temples in the reign of Rattanakosin King Rama 1-9 which all of them are outstanding of abstract thinking in religion, creed, beliefs and contents of  Buddhist arts in Southern Thailand. The work was done by analyzing 3 groups of  Buddhist arts : 1) Fine arts, 2) sculpture and 3) architecture which  were showed off abstract thinking of concrete objects relating to the foundation, development, differences and comparison of  Buddhist arts of each reign.

 The process of this study having done by the researcher brought all of knowledge from  those studies about models, essential Buddhist contents, beliefs, creeds, art components, aesthetics, identities of Buddhist arts to conclude to be innovative structure of abstract thinking of multi-cultural society to be concrete of Buddhist arts in Southern Thailand, the abstract thinking of varieties of multi-cultural society in Southern Thailand and the abstract thinking of those cultures and traditions to be concrete states.

The research found that analyzing of abstract thinking consists of the relation of contents, culture, tradition, life styles and beliefs appeared in Buddhist arts which were involved in Southern society and having Buddhism as the core faiths of their lives. These were the main points of relation of concrete Buddhist arts creation causing beauty, identity, simple tasty, variety in expression by combining of many forms asRoyal Artists Model, Chinese Arts Model, Western Arts model, King Rama Fourth Style Model, Muslim Arts Model, Hindo-Jawa Arts Model and Southern Arts Model appeared in those fine arts, architecture and sculpture blending into valuable knowledge of history, art and culture basing on beliefs, culture and tradition, folk ways of life in southern Thailand..

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