Road Detection and Segmentation using OpenCV

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Ankit Singh, Pranab Hazra, Moupali Roy , Abhijit Ghosh


In today’s world, road detection and segmentation plays an important role in navigation system and generally used to detect new roads and patterns in the region/area. Its main aim is to provide navigation to the autonomous vehicle and robot on the ground. With the help of road detection and segmentation, it will be useful for us in finding correct road path where the vehicle can move as supportive vehicles thus preventing any collision with an obstacles on road. In this paper, a new technique for road detection and segmentation is proposed by using OpenCV(Open Source Computer Vision Library) .OpenCV is basically a library functions which aimed to provide a real-time computer vision. It consist of various methods through which an autonomous vehicle can detect obstacles on road and navigate it accordingly. It have higher accuracy with an average of 90-95%.

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