Guideline for the Development of Sustainable Tourism Public Relations Media of Koh Rat, Donsak District, Surat Thani Province, Thailand

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Tawat Boonnual


The study on the guideline for the development of sustainable tourism public relations media of Koh Rat, Donsak district, Surat Thani province was the quantitative research. The researcher aimed 1) to analyze on the satisfaction components in the online advertising media for the tourists at  Koh Rat, Donsak district, Surat Thani province; 2) to analyze on the attitude components  in the online advertising media for the tourists at  Koh Rat, Donsak district, Surat Thani province.  Group of samples was set at 400 samples. The research instrument was the questionnaire. The researcher analyzed to find on the questionnaire quality via reliability analysis and sought for the Corrected Item-Total Correlation value that implied on the discrimination power of each question item. From the value of the Cronbach’s Alpha, it was found that the questionnaire was reliable and suitable. Statistics used in data analysis were Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, and Confirm Factor Analysis: CFA calculated via AMOS program and Simple Regression Analysis. The analysis models were used measured on satisfaction toward online advertising media in which divided into three aspects: content validity, interesting format, and data accessing. The analysis on the model of attitude toward online advertising media were also divided into three aspects: thought, feeling and action. Confirm Factor Analysis: CFA was conducted and the analysis results were in accordance with the criteria of model conformity evaluation and the empirical data. Thus, conclusion was made that all aspects of the questions were the good metrics and consistent with the empirical data. It was found from the study results that the tourists who visited to Koh Rat, Donsak district, Surat Thani province satisfied with the online advertising media. Moreover, they also had high levels of attitude toward the online advertising media.

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