Influencing Factors of AI Adoption to Predict and Diagnose Diseases for Improving the Quality of Health Information System

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Sana Ali Abdulla Bin Yarouf Al Naqbi, Mohd Fauzi Kamarudin, Samer Ali Al-shami


The aim of this particular study is to propose a conceptual model for the factors of AI adoption to predict and diagnose diseases in order to improve the quality of health information system (HIS) in UAE. The proposed antecedents of AI adoption are technology characteristics, technical facilitating conditions, organizational facilitating conditions, and environmental norm.. The study is based in literature review analysis to build the conceptual model and hypotheses based on the previous studies. The investigation revealed that there is a lack of knowledge of how AI can influence the use and quality of HIS; beside the lack of comprehensive model of AI adoption. The proposed model hypothesised that the four dimensional antecedents have relationships with the AI adoption and with the quality of HIS; besides AI adoption have a direct relationship to the quality of HIS. In Future, the proposed model of this research will be empirically examined in the UAE environment. Besides, the model will be developed to include the factors of every dimensional antecedent.

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