Drug Prevention Strategies Model for Drug Abuse Among Youths in UAE

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Saleh Abdelrahman Ahmed Almutawa, Nusaibah Mansor, Mohamad Zahir Zainudin


Today, almost every country needs to consider how best to respond to the drug abuse that causing major scenarios within the country's development progress. Drug abuse is an inability to control the usage that affects individual behavior and brain. The risk of drug addiction among youths has become a major concern and growing rapidly based on various drugs in the illegal market. Yet the youths encounter higher risk and are addicted quickly based on the drugs they consume and the doses that they took. Attempts to stop drug usage may lead to intensive cravings and feel physically ill which requires a proper strategic plan. The main drive of this study was to examine drug abuse among youths and prevention strategies in UAE. The major research question was the causes of drug abuse among youths in the UAE. This research aims to generate interaction of law enforcement role and effective intervention role in drug prevention strategies in UAE. The study's primary outcomes center on constructing the conceptual model of drug abuse among youths and prevention strategies in the UAE.

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